Monday, January 24, 2011

Grow your own Crystal Tree!

This weekend, Jonathan and I had a little fun playing with some of the toys he (I mean Santa) put in my Christmas stocking. I had never heard of a Crystal Tree, but apparently they are pretty bomb. Once you assemble the tree (stick it together) and add the Magical Crystal Solution (do not eat) all you have to do is wait while your Crystal Tree comes to life right before your very eyes!
Yea, Magical Crystal Tree! You provided at least 18 full hours of entertainment (and only cost $1)! PS: You might notice the Polar Bear in the cage next to the Magic Crystal Tree - he was one of those "stick me in water and I grow 18 times my height" guys - but the Magic Crystal Tree was FAR more interesting. Sorry, Grow Kinda Big Bear... you lose this round...

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