Thursday, April 10, 2014

The sky is falling!

Memphis can now join the ranks of Los Angeles and Austin thanks to the styling efforts of Cyndii Jo Hartley, owner and self proclaimed Mistress of Style of The Henny Penny Mobile Boutique, Memphis' first fashion truck! 

Just as a food truck would roam the city peddling savory sandwiches or confectionary creations, Cyndii Jo does it armed with stylish dresses and modern accessories - all within a dangerously affordable price range. She tweets and Facebooks her locals (such as South Main or Collierville Square) and the clients come to her - genius! 

She came to me in need of a logo design and I enthusiastically accepted. She described her look for the truck as Western Glamour - think a 70's Dolly Parton or Gram Parsons juxtaposed with a black tie ball. We decided on black and white as the main colors (everything goes with black and white!) and we highlighted with gold accents (who does't love gold?!) and the end result was...

I really like the structured type mixed with the scripty elements and I
liked highlighting a horse shoe for a decorative element (both for the whole
"Western" think and for good luck!) Note: a horseshoe should ALWAYS be facing up for good luck - some people don't know that..._

Business cards and tags for the merch.

The lovely Cyndii Jo (inside the truck)

The truck (before)

The truck (after)
What a difference!

Joyce Signs, a division of LSI did the wrap for the truck and Cyndii Jo said they were AMAZING to work with (they did the wrap in 2 days and it looks GREAT!)
Be sure to check The Henny Penny on all your favorite social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter (@hennypennymemphis), Pinterest and Instagram. Cyndii Jo has such great style and I can't wait to see all of the new items she'll keep in stock! Congrats on all your success, girl! You did an amazing job!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Art I like - Memphis Edition: Adam Farmer

Last summer I went to an art show here in Memphis to support Crosstown Arts. The show was called Material Anthology, curated by Hamlett Dobbins, and it consisted of over 50 artists who had exhibited with Hamlett and Material (the exhibition space) from 2004 - 2013. 

I plan on highlighting many of the artists I viewed during that exhibit (there were so many talents in one space), but today I will start with Adam Farmer. His piece Weeping Walter Wonderland (not shown) caught my eye almost immediately for it's rough strokes and wild subject matter. Upon my research, it seems as if he has several pieces of which I am quite fond. 

The last Friday of every month, Adam opens his home in Midtown as an art gallery called Glitch, where he hosts his (and fellow Memphis artists) most recent works. Check out more of Adam's work on his Tumblr page and keep up with Glitch via Facebook.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Featured: HGTV Magazine

I am super excited (and thrilled and honored and excited... wait, I already said excited..) that my house portraits will featured in HGTV Magazine's April issue!

Special thanks to Erica Cohen; She produced the piece and was so nice to work with. Be sure to grab your copy when the issue comes out April 1st! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Latest Obsession - The Mindy Project

Okay, okay - I know I'm like 5 steps behind on this... but I am obsessed with Mindy Kahling. 

I mean, how could you not be? Anyone who would publish the above photo in a nationally best selling book should be the leader of the world. 

Her book is absolutely hilarious (seriously, I read it in two days - and I'm not trying to brag about how fast I can read - I just couldn't put it down!) 

And her sense of style so unstoppable there is even an entire website dedicated to it (which I now have bookmarked)

Her NYC apartment on her show is the stuff my dreams are made of.

White space with bright pops of color and funky patters dispersed throughout juxtaposed with antique furniture? I die. 

I binge watched the entire first season and I'm moving on the the second. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do when I'm finished. I guess I'll have to move out to LA and ask her to be my best friend... I've never stalked anyone - but you gotta start somewhere, amIright?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Monogrammed Phone Cases

Monogrammed phone cases now available from JPress Designs. Make it yours by selecting your pattern, color and monogram style. Cases are made by Case Mate (excellent quality!) and shipped directly from the manufacturer to your door (super convenient!) Available for the iPhone 5, 4/4s, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and Blackberry 10. Click here for more information or to order. 

Geometrics Case

Happy Shopping!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Featured: No More To Go

No More To Go is a weekly meal planning site founded by mother of three Stacey Stabenow. Understanding how chaotic dinner time can be in an already hectic day, she designed No More To Go to keep families out of the fast food lane through a combination of services, including: weekly menus, healthy recipes, integrated grocery shopping lists, cooking tips specialty diets.

Stacy is hosting a giveaway on her blog and I am super excited to be a part of it! Check out the post here and enter to win a set of my Harlequin Kitchen Towels. 

Thanks, Stacy! I am thrilled to be a part of your endeavor to encourage people to eat a healthier diet! Good luck!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Real Weddings: Ricca and Brian

Ah, Key West... What a beautiful and romantic place to get married. Since I launched my Key West wedding invitation design on Etsy I have seen many beautiful and romantic weddings take place there (well, the photos at least), but Ricca and Brian's wedding is one of the more beautiful ones I have had the pleasure of working on. 

Ricca had seen my Key West wedding invitation on Etsy and was interested in working with me on a custom design. I love getting involved with my clients and designing something completely unique and special to them, so I immediately jumped on the opportunity. 

Ricca and Brian's custom save the date

Ricca's wedding colors were coral and turquoise. She wanted to incorporate a bright, colorful pattern in her design and she wanted to use a pocket folder for the invitation, reply and accommodation cards. 

We decided to also use my Key West Map design to highlight the wedding hot spots and we used a die cut on the itinerary card so it would stand out from the rest. Ricca was such a pleasure to work with and I am absolutely in love with the final design! Ricca and I got along so well (she really is the nicest person!) and I really think that is why the invitation turned out so beautifully. I really try to give each of my brides the personal experience they deserve and I feel it really shows in the final design. 

The beautiful wedding party outside of The Basilica of Saint Mary in Key West.
Love the coral and turquoise!

Table settings with custom menus.

Love the dramatic evening lighting!

Love the use of the fans for place settings 

Seating for the bride and groom - so cute!

The happy couple.

Congratulations Ricca and Brian! Your wedding was beautiful and I wish you all the happiness in the world!

All photos courtesy of Christy Transier at Transier Photography. Please click here to view more!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rando thought of the day

I use a lot of exclamation points. I really do. Sometimes I'll be drafting an email and I'll realize that I have used an exclamation point on every sentence. To be fair, there might have been only 3 sentences in the email - but you get the idea. Why do I do this? Is it because I want my reader to know that I am super excited about a project (!) or that I am not being a sarcastic troll (!) or that I am a generally happy, friendly person (!)  I have no idea, but I came across this quote the other day and it really hit home for me (I dislike it terribly it when people laugh at their own jokes). Anyway, from now on I am really going to watch my exclamation point usage - we'll see how it goes. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Real Weddings: Lauren + David

Puerto Rico, baby!

Thats's right - Two of my very good friends were married in Puerto Rico over the New Year and we had the extreme pleasure of joining them! But before we get to the trip photos, and wedding deets - let's do the invitations. 

Lauren is an interior designer herself, so she knew exactly what she wanted for her invitations: a classy yet artistic invitation with art deco elements. Her colors were coral, emerald and gold. Since she was having somewhat of an untraditional wedding, we decided that the layout should be untraditional as well (tri-fold). I designed the art deco emblem for the front using their initials and carried the background pattern design throughout the design. 

Now on to the good stuff! Puerto Rico is pretty damn cool. People kept saying I was still in the United States, but I didn't believe them - it was too tropical and warm for all that!

The view from our hotel.

Being the adventurous type that we are, Jonathan and I decided to go on a few mini-adventures once we arrived. We drove to the exact opposite corner of the island (which only took about 2 hours) to Guanica Dry Forest Reserve. Since it was New Year's day, the park was closed, but we hopped the little gate and hiked on up the Fuerte Trail to Fort Caprón. There wasn't any info on the fort once we go there, so I'm not sure of it's history - but it offered some great views of the bay below.

Fort Caprón

panoramic view from the top of the fort

The next morning we went to El Yunque National Forrest, which, in my humble opinion was very underwhelming. It was super crowded (see below photo) and all of the trails were paved... It was the first time I've ever been to a tropical rain forrest, so that was kind of cool... I guess. 

ugh... too many people!

That afternoon we went into Old San Juan (which was great). Had I had the day to do over, I would have skipped El Yunque and spent all day in Old San Juan. The architecture was very reminiscent of Spain (brightly colored buildings, cobblestone streets) and being on the tip of San Juan (geographically ), it offered some amazing views. 

On to the wedding! The ceremony was (supposed to be) on the beach, but it was threatening rain so they performed the ceremony in an anteroom in the hotel. It was a quick one and I didn't have a chance to snap any photos. After the ceremony, we went up to the rooftop lounge, Mist, where the reception was held. We had pretty much the whole rooftop to ourselves (which was nice). Lauren brought table runners and centerpieces with her (in her corals and emeralds) to match the existing decor.

view from the rooftop

The happy couple! Love her art deco inspired dress - gorgeous! 

Congratulations Lauren and David! We had a blast at your wedding and I wish you many happy years to come!