Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yellow Cricket Belts

Well! I have been a busy little beaver lately (and have totally been neglecting my blog...sorry!) One of the projects that I have been working on (am most proud of) is the logo/branding for Yellow Cricket Belts.

Yellow Cricket Belts is a small business run by Monte and Jordan Stewart, a fantastically fashionable father-son duo who are about the take the accessory market by storm!

These delightfully colorful and fun belts are great for boys, girls, ladies, men, kids (literally EVERONE) and they are custom made for you! Jordan and Monte have an awesomely varied arsenal of fabrics to select from and they are currently working on designing new custom colors/designs for the fall!

Jordan Stewart with girlfriend, Jasmine

Be sure to go to their Etsy shop and make them a favorite (or buy a belt!)

All photography by (the amazing) Molly Kennedy of Good Golly Photography.

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