Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New orders!

Happy Monday Tuesday, everybody! Here is a sampling of some of my most recent orders - it looks like twins and elephants are hot these days! Enjoy!

I LOVE this color combination for a boy or a girl!

Love this design with the pink and green for a Sweet 16 party!
These were some color samples I did for a client. She liked the black and avocado best!

love the peach and gray!

More elephants!

One boy and one girl, so they wanted to letters to switch between blue and pink - so cute!

I know I already posted this one - but I just love it soooooo much!

LOVE this color combo as well! I love it when my clients are creative and unique!

Love all of these bright colors juxtaposed with the gray!

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  1. love all of them! You are very talented,Susan!