Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crafternoon with (the craft-tastic) Molly Kennedy!

So, the other day (the amazing) Molly Kennedy called me. She was all super excited because she found a bunch of old books at a garage sale and she wanted to craft with them. She had read a tutorial on the Jones Design Company website for a book page wreath and she wanted to create it. She asked me if I was interested, I quickly accepted and the rest is history!

This will not be a full tutorial (as I don't have the patience for such a lengthy, descriptive entry) but you can click here for the full low down.

All you need for this project is a styrofoam wreath, book (preferably with old, worn, thin pages) and a hot glue gun. I used a 16" wreath and Molly used a 8" wreath. We ran into a bit of a craftatastrophe when we ran out of hot glue in the middle of the project, but Molly scrounged some up from her vast supply cabinet and was able to finish her wreath. We'll follow her progression since you can see the final product (I'll finish mine this weekend).

(Some of Molly's paintings - yup - not only is she an awesome photographer and crafter, she is an amazing painter as well!
Look out! Triple threat! Oh, and her living room rug in the middle. I just liked it)

(the books we destroyed in the name of crafting)

Pretty cool, huh? Mine is a LOT larger, but I think I like the small size better. I'll let you know when I finish mine and we can have a wreath-off to see who's looks better. JK! It's not a competition (but it totally is).

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