Friday, October 7, 2011

Custom Orders and Happy Friday!

Recently I was contacted by several clients (from all walks of life) who were interested in custom designs/illustrations, and (as always) I was happy to oblige.

The first to contact me was Meg Haston, author of How to Rock Braces and Glasses. It is a Young Adult novel about a popular girl who's social stock rapidly plummets once she is forced the wear (you guessed it) braces and glasses. It sounds like a totally fun book and it has also been green-lit as an upcoming TV series on Nickelodeon - awesome job, Meg!

Meg was having a small shin-dig to celebrate her book and she was interested in some custom invitations - So let's rock it!

book cover/ inspiration

invite design options
final design

Congrats on all your success, Meg! I wish you all the best!

My next client was Jessica Strickland, a bad-ass photographer based out of Indiana. Her main branding colors are black, white and yellow with splashes of color and she is crazy talented (seriously, go check out her website!)

She was interested in having some custom gift certificates designed and printed.

design options

final design

Thanks again, Jess! I hope to work with you some more in the future!

And finally we have Jamie. She is a the mother of Chulo and Maxwell (and bulldog and a baby- respectively) who are both turning one this fall. The celebrate this momentous occasion, she was interested in some custom birthday party invites.

inspiration photos

final design (which I totally nailed!)

Thanks again, Jamie! I hope y'all have a totally awesome birthday bash!

And thanks so much for all of my wonderful clients who let me be creative and have fun at work! And (as always) I would love to help you out on your next creative venture so don't be afraid to ask! Happy Friday!

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