Monday, December 12, 2011

Random Trends: Holiday Edition


Bacon is so hot right now - and EVERYONE loves bacon (well, not everyone - but most people who aren't restricted by religious or dietary preferences do). Even The-Hardest-Person-in-the-World-to-Shop-For (probably) loves bacon. If you do have to accommodate your vegetarian or jewish buddies this Holiday season, you can always spring for the Bacon Bandages or Bacon wallet or Bacon toothpaste (although I'm not so sure about that one...) Do I like it? Nope - I LOVE it! Will I sport it? Yes - One of my friends recently made bacon, peanut butter cupcakes recently and I MISSED it - so disappointing! Do I think it will last for a while? I don't really see bacon going out of style, but the novelty items will probably die off sooner rather than later.

You can't walk into a store or go online without being tempted by a fur something-or-other these days. Thanks to PETA its generally not REAL fur, but it is soft and luxurious either way! Do I like it? I do. Will I sport it myself? Ya know - I don't think I have enough panache to pull it off and I definitely don't have enough fun place to wear it, so I guess (like capes and booties) I'll just have to appreciate this look from far.


I love the whole tribal thing going on right now. It is such an interesting way to add some pattern and texture to your personal style. It could be something as simple as a necklace or a new pillow on your couch! Do I like it? I just said I did - pay attention! Will I sport in myself? Absolutely, actually (since I have kind of taken up archery) I have my eye on that arrow necklace.


With New Years approching fast - it's always nice to have a little sparkle on hand. I love this long gown, but (with a $2,300 price tag) I might have to settle for a top or skirt. Do I like it? Yup. Will I sport it myself? Yup - already have my eye on something and I am seriously considering the Toms - sparkle and comfort - I don't think I could ask for anything more!

Crazy-ass shorts

I have no idea how shorts are trendy in Winter - but they are. Do I like it? Yes, on supermodels or other mythical beings who are malnourished and legs literally look like sticks. It's not a look for the everyday girl... Will I sport it myself? Um, nah - like I said, it's too tough of a look to pull off - but- hey - good for you if you do/are able to! Rock on!

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