Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Destination Weddings

All this yucky winter weather has really got me longing to be somewhere warm. With sand. And a drink. That comes with an umbrella. Which reminds me that one of my best friends is getting married in Key West in April and not only am I going - but I designed the wedding invitations (duh!)

Lyndsey and Brain wanted something original, bright and fun - while also expressing the whole traveling-to-Key-West thing (which is the BEST part!) So, I decided to use a silhouette of the Florida Keys juxtaposed with a colorful, tropical pattern and accented with other beachy elements (sanddollars, starfish, seahorses, etc.) To keep the whole travel concept going, I used a long and skinny layout with a perforated reply card - so it functions like an airplane ticket! Super fun! I also carried the beachy elements throughout accompanying materials sent with the invite.

I can't mention destination weddings without mentioning my Vintage Postcard Save the Date. I love seeing all of the different places where my clients are getting married!

And I've even taken the design international!

You can even show off your state pride with my State Pride Save the Dates!

Destination wedding doesn't have to mean beach wedding. I have done PLENTY of invitations that just highlight the bride or groom's hometown.

And don't forget about fun bachelorette trips!

This couple wanted to highlight the bride's hometown of Pittsburgh (a lot of guests were traveling from the South)

This couple was having their reception on a evening cruise ship that sailed around Washington DC.

Ah, and we are back to the beach! This couple wanted a fun beachy feel but didn't necessarily want to showcase their specific location. I love the square shape and rounded corners and the bride really spiced it up by using 3 different, awesomely bright colored envelopes.

Now I am DEFINITELY ready to go to get my beach on! Too bad my trip is not for a couple of months... sigh...

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  1. Sue, I can't say enough about my wedding invitations! You really brought everything I wanted to life and guided me every step of the way :). Thank you again! Key west here we come!