Wednesday, May 16, 2012

School Days Silhouettes

I got an interesting call the other day: One of my best friends was interested in having some silhouettes drawn... for her son's entire kindergarten class! Here's the deal - Every year the teacher of this particular class likes to give a silhouette of each child to the parents as a nice keepsake the celebrate the milestone occasion of graduating kindergarten (nice, right?) And every year the Room Moms (my bestie) are responsible for having them made. In the past, the Room Moms have done it the old-fashioned way: a projector, a huge piece of white paper and hand drawing each silhouette (life size, mind you)... So, in the interest of working smarter (not harder) I was commissioned to draw them (from photographs) and have them printed. I think they all turned out really well and everyone was excited about the finished product! Also, since I was doing so many at one time I was able to offer them a bulk discount (win-win for everybody!)

You can check out more of my silhouette work here and here and feel free to contact me directly if you are interested in having a custom silhouette for yourself!

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