Monday, September 8, 2014

I love lamp

I love being crafty (as you may know) and I especially love being crafty with my good friend --the fabulous- Molly Kennedy from Good Golly Photography. We each had a unique tin (mine a vintage tea tin and her's a vintage lard tin), so we decided to make lamps. And, with the help of her hubbs, Corey (who is an electrician) we were able to have a long overdue crafternoon. 

Tea / Lard Tins, before

I bought a lamp kit from Lowe's (for, like, $12) 

and Cory was able to show us step-by-step how to to assemble everything (yeah, now I have that song in my head, too). 

Corey was an excellent instructor. I took notes and I feel confident that I could assemble a lamp on my own with adult supervision (silver = neutral, brass = hot, right? right?!?) but I'm going direct you over to the wikiHow page for the actual step-by-step. 

When it was all done (like, 20 minutes later - it really is a simple process!) Molly and I were both THRILLED with our lamps! Seriously, it's like my new thing - I want to turn everything into a lamp now. 
Our gorgeous lamps! Mine is on the left and Molly's is on the right. 

Thanks so much for all of your help, Corey! Can't wait for our next crafting adventure (craftventure? nah... that was terrible...) 

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  1. I love this pretty big time Susan. I have an old tobacco can that currently has some dried hydrangeas thrown into it. But not for long!! Thank you for the awesome idea.