Monday, October 11, 2010

LuvMud 2010

This weekend I participated in my very first 5K race: LuvMud 2010! The race was a 5k obstacle race where we ran, jumped, climbed and crawled through mud to reach the finish line. There were 6 obstacles (bear crawl, slide, wall climb, hay bale jump, etc.) to complete - the final obstacle was huge MUD PIT (hence:LuvMud) and costumes were strongly encouraged! The race was a fund raiser for Habitat for Hope, a non-profit organization that supports, serves and cares for families that have a child that is critically or chronically ill. Swankys Taco Shopsponsored our 4 person team and I designed the (awesome) tanks we wore!

The race was hard work, but LOTS of fun and we were all super glad that it was such a success (there were over 1,000 people registered for the race - I think that's pretty good for the first year!) Click here to read more about the race and WAY TO GO Swankys Sucios! ("sucio" means "dirty" in Spanish and, man, were we DIRTY!)

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