Friday, April 1, 2011

The Sweazys

A few months ago Melissa Sweazy (the brilliant mind behind Melissa Sweazy Photography) contacted me about commissioning a custom illustration of her family (side note: she was referred to me by local designer Sophorn McRae, who rocks pretty hard as well) Her hubbs is turning 40, her daughter is turning 4, they just moved into the new home they built and she's totally preggers with their second child (whew!) So, she wanted something special to commemorate this super special/crazy busy time in their life. After a lovely conversation, we figured out a few details that she wanted to include (Harlow is obsessed with princesses, Caleb plays guitar, etc.) Melissa supplied me with a few photographs to draw from and off I went!
Supplied photographs from Melissa

The end result is one of my most favorite designs and the whole family was super thrilled!

If you are interested in your own custom illustration, please contact me at Happy Friday!

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  1. ah you didn't have to give me credit. I certainly like keeping it local. You are so great with color. by the way you were in the Memphis blog too.