Monday, August 6, 2012

CADTech Dental Lab

I love designing branding strategies. It is so wonderfully different then the invitation/illustration work that I do (I think that is why I appreciate it so much!) I like working directly with the clients to design a piece/s that we are both pleased with. As a designer, you really have to loose your ego and let yourself be pushed to places you don't necessarily want to go to in order to see what all you are capable of. I also like the concept of helping everyday items look better; taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary.

Below is some recent work I did for CADTech Dental Lab, a dental lab (clearly) here in Memphis.  

I designed the  logo along with the company's business card, envelopes prescription pads and  specialty pricing brochure. 

Having a consistent brand throughout your company is essential to success. Your clients need to be aware of your presence in order to distinguish your from your competitors. Now let's get back to the fun stuff!

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  1. As a dental lab software developer, I like dealing with the enthusiast lab practitioner because they are clear about the final product that they want. In today’s market, having a responsive software system is very crucial as your entire client database is dependent on it. You are right that the ego has to be left on the back when you are working as a developer.