Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What's it going to bee?

I'm back! After a much too long blogging hiatus I am back and ready to roll with lots of new and exciting posts to come - so be sure to stay tuned!

Let's start with Julie and Ben's gender reveal shower.

Julie and Ben are having a baby (clearly) and one of their very good friends wanted to throw them a Gender Reveal Party. This concept is rather new to me, so I was excited to both help with the invitations and signage and to also attend as a guest.

The lovely hostess (Cindy) decided on a bumble bee theme (cute!), and the nursery colors are yellow and gray (love!), so I designed the invite accordingly with a honeycomb design and a softer color palette. This design now available on my Etsy Shop - click here for more info. 

With yellow gumballs, lemons, yellow and gray striped wax straws and all manner of yellow flowers, Cindy did a simple yet striking job with the decor. Every last detail was present and accounted for: a locally produced honeycomb on the cheese tray, a Bee Sting speciality cocktail and the guest favors were a glass honey bear filled with local honey! It was fantastic!

Cindy also did a Wish Tree, where guests fill in their wishes for Baby Hollis and pin them to the tree. It made for a striking finished piece and Julie and Ben will the cards in their scrapbook to have forever!

The Big Reveal
Cindy had a large box taped shut with balloons inside (Julie and Ben didn't even know at this point!). Once they lifted the top the balloons came popped upward and the big new was revealed! Yup, it's a girl!

This party was so much fun to go to for so many reasons! The food and decor were fantastic and it was so much fun being around friends and family all waiting in anticipation for the exciting news. And the fact that the couple didn't even know (Cindy kept it a secret!) was the best part - we all got to find out together!) Congratulation to Julie and Ben on their news! Can't wait to meet her! 

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