Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Venn There, Done That

I'm really not all that creative. I mean, really. Who is? It seems that everything has been done before and every time I think I have a cute, clever idea for a new design - I look go online and - WHAM! - Not only has someone else already thought of it, they are doing it waaaaaay cuter than I could have... *sigh... (*which I am totally over by the way. I don't know why I just wrote that...)

Anyway, so I (thought I had) a super cute idea for a holiday card using a venn diagram, and whaddayaknow? Venn diagrams are soooooooo hot right now (said like Mugatu from Zoolander). So, in my utter disappointment I have decided to share some of these lovely beauties with you. Most of them are pretty good. 

First, we have a little religious sarcasm (and I'm usually a fan of any kind sarcasm).

Next, a little Save the Date / Wedding invitation action. Super cute. Wish I would have though of it.

And if it's good enough for wedding, it's usually translates well for baby. Also super cute. 

And now for a little hipster humor. Because, man, sometimes those hipsters are funny. 

And finally, holiday. These are just 2 examples I found online - but they are pretty cute. My idea is closer to the top one. 

And, who knows? Maybe I'll do it anyway. It may not be the most original idea out there, but it's still mine. Kinda.

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