Friday, January 11, 2013

Real Weddings: Rebecca & Drew

This past fall, two of our very good friends were married, Rebecca and Drew. Being raised in the South (Memphis, in particular) it's no wonder that these two have known each other since they were kids: they literally grew up down the street from one another and her brother is one of his best friends and their families have known each other for years - making the celebration that much more special. There are lots of juicy details to discuss, so let's get started with

The Invitation
Rebecca was amazing to work with. On one of our initial meetings, I asked her about her color scheme. She quickly replied, "I don't have one". Huh? I was confused at first thinking that she had just not finalized one yet when she explained that she didn't want one (!) She proceeded to tell me that she was getting married on her family's home in Somerville, Tennessee (about 45 min. outside Memphis) and that she wanted to use the elements around her for most of the decor: old (yet renovated) barns with antique cars,  and horses (and miniature horses!) and mason jars juxtaposed with fine china and and an elegant, well lit tent. Country Chic is what she called it and my tongue finally fell out of my mouth onto the floor. It sounded amazing. 

In keeping with her theme, I thought that letterpressing onto kraft board with a nice chocolate brown ink would set the elegant yet rustic mood. I also thought that the mixing of formal and casual fonts would further enhance the theme. Along with the invite and reply postcard, I also designed a custom map for the wedding. Since Somerville is a super small town 45 minutes outside Memphis, Rebecca had suggested that most of their out-of-town guests stay in Downtown, Memphis. The map is a custom drawing with various attractions, eateries, bars etc. and proved extremely useful to the guests.  And, although Rebecca provided transportation for the guests to the wedding, she also wanted to include directions to Somerville for those brave enough to travel on their own without a smart phone. 

The Place
Ah, her family's house in Somerville. I'm getting all nostalgic just thinking about it... It was absolutely beautiful and every single detail was accounted for. I mean, the woman thought of everything! wildflowers mixed with seasonal blooms hung all around, rose petals on the walking paths, rustic handmade signs everywhere, mason jars with chalkboard name tags, horses, antique cars... it was beautiful. 

The Players
Both bride and groom had just a few, close members of their wedding party. The girls got to pick whatever jewel-toned dress they wanted (love!) and carried bouquets of seemingly random blooms. The boys wore classic grey suits (nice). Rebecca looked fantastic in her dress (duh) and Drew was very handsome as well (also duh). Also, please note Rebecca's awesome hair - It looked fantastic - I'm obsessed all over again!

The Ceremony
Was absolutely lovely. Father and daughter walked down a petal lined path up to the front porch of the main house. Guests gathered around in a relaxed yet meaningful ceremony.

The Party
Now let's get to the good stuff! The ceremony was so much fun! The large tent was set up away from the house (closer to the barn) and was breathtaking. All the decor and lighting was fantastic - just the right mix of elegant and rustic with a splash of whimsy. And the dessert! Muddy's cupcakes piled on the back of an old pickup truck that was parked in the middle of the tent. It was heaven. 

Rebecca's dress transformed to a short version (great idea!) and Rebecca and Drew had gold Elvis glasses for everyone to wear during the reception (so fun!) John Paul Kieth and The One Four Five's (a local Tex-Mex, garage rock, countrypolitan, mid-60's soul/pop, fiery rockabilly band) rocked the house and we were all dancing the night away!

The band was also happy to oblige when Rebecca and childhood friend Tim Regan sang a duet (The Beatles: Don't Let Me Down) Then, not to be upstaged by his bride-daughter, Pops got on stage and sang an Elvis classic: Teddy Bear. It was so much fun -we were all loving it!
There was a renovated barn not far away that had a seating area, separate bar, photo booth and the Tennessee game on (I told you she thought of everything!) Oh (after she changed into her cowboy boots) Rebecca decided she wanted to feed the horses (and miniature horses!). Silly girl.

It really was an amazing night and I am so happy that I was able to be a part of it! Congratulations Rebecca and Drew! I would wish you lifetime of happiness!

Florist: Dawn Edwards
Invites: JPress Designs (duh)
Hair and Makeup: Mary Miller Brown

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  1. so gorgeous. every detail! love the stationery/maps. this makes me want to get married all over again!