Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Building Relationships: Jessica Strickland

A couple of years ago I had a client contact me about designing a custom Twins Baby Shower Invitation. She was Jessica Strickland, a wedding photographer who operates out of central Indiana. Being a creative type, she had some very specific ideas  about the design and prefaced her order by saying she was extremely picky and for me not to get offended if she had too many revisions or criticisms. I tool a deep breath, said "okey dokey" and set to work. 

Thankfully, I knocked it out of the park and she was extremely pleased with her design options! Whew! We finalized the design and the rest of the order went smoothly. 

A couple of months later, she contacted me about designing a gift certificate for her photography business and some new business cards. She wanted to use her existing logo and current color selections (black and yellow), but change up the design some. I was super thrilled that she came back for more (love repeat clients!!!), so I happily obliged her request. 

A couple months after that, she contacted me about a house portrait for one of her friends! 

By this time we are pretty friendly with each other and she recommends that her sister contact me about some more design projects - but more on that later!

And finally, earlier this year, she contacts me in regards to her logo. She is ready for a totally new logo design! She sends me her ideas and, once again, I set to work. I won't bore you with all of the drafts and revisions we went through - I'll just cut to the good stuff: her new logo!

We hired Grey Snail Press for the calligraphy (J is super awesome and easy to work with!)
Business cards. I love how the logo pops against the white background and - BAM! - you turn it over for even more wow!
We also printed some promotional pieces to showcase her new logo as well as her photography work. They are printed on a 130# glossy paper and will fit in a n0. 10 envelope! BTW, have I mentioned how incredibly talented Jessica is? Her work is absolutely amazing and you should definitely go check out her website

Anyway, I am super proud of this overall design and I am so thankful that Jessica and I have such a great working relationship! It's always so wonderful when you can work with a creative person and be equally inspired by them. The finished product is always amazing!

Thanks, Jess! I look forward to our next project!

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