Thursday, April 10, 2014

The sky is falling!

Memphis can now join the ranks of Los Angeles and Austin thanks to the styling efforts of Cyndii Jo Hartley, owner and self proclaimed Mistress of Style of The Henny Penny Mobile Boutique, Memphis' first fashion truck! 

Just as a food truck would roam the city peddling savory sandwiches or confectionary creations, Cyndii Jo does it armed with stylish dresses and modern accessories - all within a dangerously affordable price range. She tweets and Facebooks her locals (such as South Main or Collierville Square) and the clients come to her - genius! 

She came to me in need of a logo design and I enthusiastically accepted. She described her look for the truck as Western Glamour - think a 70's Dolly Parton or Gram Parsons juxtaposed with a black tie ball. We decided on black and white as the main colors (everything goes with black and white!) and we highlighted with gold accents (who does't love gold?!) and the end result was...

I really like the structured type mixed with the scripty elements and I
liked highlighting a horse shoe for a decorative element (both for the whole
"Western" think and for good luck!) Note: a horseshoe should ALWAYS be facing up for good luck - some people don't know that..._

Business cards and tags for the merch.

The lovely Cyndii Jo (inside the truck)

The truck (before)

The truck (after)
What a difference!

Joyce Signs, a division of LSI did the wrap for the truck and Cyndii Jo said they were AMAZING to work with (they did the wrap in 2 days and it looks GREAT!)
Be sure to check The Henny Penny on all your favorite social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter (@hennypennymemphis), Pinterest and Instagram. Cyndii Jo has such great style and I can't wait to see all of the new items she'll keep in stock! Congrats on all your success, girl! You did an amazing job!

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