Monday, May 7, 2012

Celebration Central

I was contacted recently by a client who was interested in branding for her newly founded small business. The company is called Celebration Central, and it is a group party planning specialists who can help organize everything from a child's birthday party to a formal, elegant wedding. 

My client wanted the design to reflect both "fun and fancy" - something that would be appropriate for the various events she will be able to accommodate. 
I started off the creative process showing the client a variety of designs. This will help both of us figure out the direction we should go on. 
Client liked the stripes and the "bubble" in Option 3 - but she wanted more color. She also like the banner in Option 1. Option 2 was "too wedding" and the others were a little to child-like or for her. I love complete and total honesty with a client! It's the only way we can both end up satisfied with the final design.
Using my clients suggestions, I proceeded with Round 2. She LOVEd the mix of all the bright colors.

A bright, fun, colorful design that entices the client and makes the card memorable!

Since the business is relatively new, we just started out with business cards - but I can't wait to see how we develop the branding further into marketing pieces, websites, blogs, etc! 

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